A weekend full of 'furry'

Last weekend my little sister Tracy came to visit.  We had been planning this get-together for some time and finally were able to make it happen!
She is one of the lead coordinators for the animal shelter in her area: Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals  

A while back she asked me to help her design some murals to use at the annual SVFA 'wag and walk-a-thon'.  .  We aren't exactly sure what the technical name is, but we call them 'stand-ins'. You know the kind... the ones that have goofy images on the front and people can put their faces through pre-made holes, making it look like they ARE that goofy image/person?

We had such a good time creating these special pieces of art, and hope they will serve SVFA for many years in the future!


Artsy or Crafty?

I have to admit, I haven't been developing my Life Point Images shop and blog as much as I would like these days.  I seem to have gotten slightly distracted with my new Etsy venture: TaffieWishes where a good friend of mine and I create fun and colorful party decorations and home things.  We hope to add nursery art, rugs, pillows and all sorts of goodies to our shop in the future.  I hope you have a minute to check out our little shop.

This side project has got me thinking... am I an artist, or a crafter? Am I artsy or crafty?  It seems to me that I like having the variety of both.  When I get tired of dotting, I begin working with a thread and needle or maybe with scrap booking supplies.  Variety seems to be the 'spice of life' for my creative side.  Perhaps I don't need to choose between the two.

Maybe simply put, I enjoy creating things. End of story.


Saturday Scrapbook Page

Happy 4th of July!

Every family has their traditions.  For the Strasser side of my family, it was gatherng in Stanley, ND for what we called the 'Fourth AND July.'  I think this probably stems from the fact that many of the family members on that side are teachers who had the summertime to spare.  And by 'many' I mean my grandpa and grandma, and all four of their children - and eventually also including one of my cousins and my sister Shayla, who herself married a teacher.  THAT is a tradition all in itself! 
Last year, we went back to our old stomping ground for a celebration of old memories and new experiences.


J is for July

and Jellybeans!

As a kid, the summertime was prime candy eating season.  My sisters and I would use our allowance, almost exclusively, to buy penny candy at the local V&S variety store.

Every once in a while, I would splurge and buy a pack of colorful jelly beans (usually Jelly Belly brand).  I would then neurotically separate them by colors and taste combinations before delighting in their fruity goodness.

I hope you will check out THIS TREASURY full of fantastic jelly bean finds!

Cupcake photo by http://meganlee.etsy.com


Mom SHOP Monday (with TreacherCreatures)

Are you looking to add some vibrant color and fun to your life?  Maybe your child needs a special, one of a kind, friend to love?  Look no further than the whimsical creations of TreacherCreatures on Etsy!
Dawn, the shop owner,  has created a magical zoo full of adorable creatures; and she accepts custom orders to make you something extra special.

I asked Dawn a few questions about her unique designs and motherhood.  Here's what she had to say:

What made you decide to become a SAHM?
When our daughter was born I decided I wanted to stay at home and have remained so even since she started school so that I could meet her from school and have as much time with her as possible whilst she grew up. I took the opportunity to pursue my creative passions which initially were painting and now include sewing.

How do you find time to create while you have your child at home with you?
Now our daughter is at school I have more time but even when she is home I find we can both pursue our own interests whilst spending time together. My daughter will play around me whilst I sew and shows a great interest in all things creative herself.

In what ways do you feel your child inspires your work?
Initially I starting making sock animals for my daughter, who has quite a collection, and I would make the animals that I knew she would love. Now she helps me decide what animals to try next and gives them all names for me. She is a very good critique of design.

Which is your favorite item in your shop and why?
My sock Flamingo as it was such fun to design and sew and is my favourite colour as well.

What is the best advice that you can give to another SAHM who would like to start up an ETSY shop?
Have a go. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it has motivated me to try new designs and it has definitely fueled my passion for creativity. I have met so many great crafts people and the Etsy Forums are really supportive

Thank you Dawn!  I agree that children can be the best critiques for our work.  I decided to ask my son Daniel which item in your shop was his favorite and he chose three! I guess that proves, even beyond my own testimonial, that your creatures are completely engaging and lovable!

Be sure to check out the other Mom SHOP Monday features you may have missed.  And if you are a stay at home mom with an Etsy shop, please leave a comment below so that I can consider you for upcoming interviews!

hello love designs
piece by peace designs
knitted for ewe


Let's hear it for the BOYS!

At our house it is tradition to take photos of mom with kids on Mother's Day and dad with kids on Father's Day.

In the past this has at times been an excruciating process where multiple photos are taken, kids are crying and dad is frowning and begging that I be done.  Perhaps because of the boys ages this year or perhaps because they had just woken up from naps, all were relatively cooperative and I got this photo in just 3 takes!

We spent a blissfully relaxing Father's Day by going to church in the morning, followed by breakfast at a local cafe, then 'family nap-time'.  The day ended with a nice supper out at Craig's Parent's house where 4 generations of boys and men, sons and fathers, posed for yet another photo op.


Saturday Scrapbook Page

Wow, a whole week since my last post!  We have been incredibly busy around here lately and haven't had much time for anything other than the regular 'day to day' activities.

In celebration of Father's Day tomorrow, this scrapbook page features Craig giving a very bald and chubby Isaiah a little love.  He is such a great father to both the boys.  They look up to him, learn from him and want to be just like him.

I hope they grow up to be men just like their daddy!


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