A weekend full of 'furry'

Last weekend my little sister Tracy came to visit.  We had been planning this get-together for some time and finally were able to make it happen!
She is one of the lead coordinators for the animal shelter in her area: Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals  

A while back she asked me to help her design some murals to use at the annual SVFA 'wag and walk-a-thon'.  .  We aren't exactly sure what the technical name is, but we call them 'stand-ins'. You know the kind... the ones that have goofy images on the front and people can put their faces through pre-made holes, making it look like they ARE that goofy image/person?

We had such a good time creating these special pieces of art, and hope they will serve SVFA for many years in the future!

Val  – (July 26, 2010 at 6:50 PM)  

Very cleaver and cute!! We will be sure to take pictures with them at the annual walk-a-thon. Put together artistic ability and marketing and advertising and you come up with GREAT ideas. Good Job :)

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