See Mom Run

Yesterday, we woke the kids up super early (5:30am), buckled them into the van and headed for Fargo, ND to watch my mom run in the Half Marathon.

The weather was less than favorable, but she managed to pull out an excellent time of 2:23.19.  I am so proud of her for training so hard and running the 13.1 miles with a smile on her face the entire time!  This wasn't her first race... nor will it be her last.  She is planning on training for a FULL marathon in the near future.

I found the perfect gift for her on Etsy, a running journal (by papercraftsbyk) where she can write about every day of training. She was thrilled with it, and I know she will fill every page.

Congratulations again mom, you are amazing!

Kathleen  – (May 23, 2010 at 9:27 PM)  

Yay! Congratulations to your Mom for a finishing her 1/2 marathon with a great time and a smile on her face - the smile is the most important part!! Way to go! Also, I'm thrilled your Mom is happy with her running journal. Thanks for letting me know!!

Val  – (May 24, 2010 at 9:54 AM)  

Thank you Ang , the gift is amazing!! First day of training for the FULL starts Feb 2011 so I can bring in my 55th birthday in a BIG way :) I LOVE to Journal and each page will be dedicated to each day of training, the race and the post race days. Until then training continues for the DL HM Sept 11th with you and Craig. Thank you also for the nice post & picture, most of all thank you for supporting me in my running endeavors, you know me and what makes my heart happy and by encouraging me speaks volumes!
Love you,
p.s. I will be showing the running journal to friends with the site to order-hope Kathleen gets more business, she deserves it with such a neat gift!

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