A Proper HELLO

Looking back on the posts I have made so far on this blog, I am realizing that there doesn't seem to be much color. Some people may wonder if my life is really like this.

The simple answer is....NO. My life is full of color!

Meet my boys: Daniel is 3, and Isaiah just turned 1. As a stay at home/ work at home mom, these two provide all the color I need. They are explorers, destroyers and in a rare moment sweet and cuddly. They keep my on my toes!

Meet my husband, Craig: He is an amazing, caring man who has a full time job as an engineer and still manages to be a volunteer fire-fighter. On the weekends he uses his free time to fix up our house (and has been doing so for the past 4 years). To top it all off, he is a wonderful father and husband. What more could a woman ask for?

Meet the whole family: This photo is a bit old, but is the most recent that we have together as a group. Typically I am the one behind the lens and don't make it into the picture, which is why I treasure those that I am in!

I hope to show the true colors of my life on this blog, just as I hope to add some into my artwork soon!

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