This past week and a half, Daniel was visiting ND at my parents house.  While he was gone, we really got to know Isaiah better.  Being the second child, he sometimes gets overshadowed by Daniel's accomplishments and milestones.  I think this is a pretty typical occurrence.  I have talked to plenty of parents who diligently filled out Child #1's baby book, but only a few pages of Child #2's.  By the time Child #3 came around, they didn't even bother to buy a book.

We realize that each of our boys is special and unique, and want to encourage them in the things they love.  Isaiah has a passion for all things 'sport', so we made sure to spend plenty of time out in the backyard teaching him the rules of the games...

Val  – (June 8, 2010 at 8:20 AM)  

Good to see you got some "special" 1:1 time with Isaiah, when he comes to visit and stay here alone we will be sure to keep him involved in the "sport" things that interest him:)

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