All That Hair

Yesterday, just in time for Easter, I gave the boys haircuts.  All three of them were in desperate need of a trim.  Craig had grown a beard for the Passion Drama that our church puts on every Easter, Daniel had a mop top, and Isaiah was sporting a baby mullet.

It was a bit emotional to give Isaiah his first haircut, knowing that the hairs I would be cutting off were on his head the day he was born.  With the aid of a lollipop, he sat perfectly still in the chair and allowed me to work my magic. 

I definitely don’t have a future as a barber, but I think that I did an okay job.

Val  – (April 4, 2010 at 10:58 AM)  

You did great with the haircuts. Craig and the boys look Easter and Spring/Summer ready :)

Looks like Isaiah is checking out Daniel's new cut too! Unreal how much older the boys look when their hair is short, but Craig looks younger.

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