You may have noticed that my banner has recently changed, both at my etsy shop and on this blog.  I have worked hard over the past couple of weeks trying to figure out how best to represent my shop through my logo.  Since I see it as a reflection of my own personality, I wanted to be sure that the things I most love (art, architecture and my family), were incorporated in the design.

The largest element in the logo is the letter L.  “L” stands for life, and the amazing one I have with my family.  It is the anchoring point for everything else in the design, just as my family is my anchor and support for everything that I do.  The tree, which is growing out of the L, is a symbol of art.  The leaves are done in the pointillism technique that my new etsy shop is focusing on.  The small house represents my love for architecture.  Designing houses is a passion of mine, and something that I truly enjoy doing.  

The house is also an obvious representation of home.  If you look closely at the large window, you will notice a cross.  I know that my life would not be the same if it weren’t for the love that Jesus Christ showed me when he died on that cross.

I am very happy with how the design turned out, and ready to incorporate it into gift certificates, mailing labels and business cards! 

The Lavender Daisy  – (March 29, 2010 at 3:58 PM)  

Your logo is great and a very creative way to represent the things that are important to you!

Sarah Ranes  – (March 29, 2010 at 7:49 PM)  

I really like your new design!

Katy  – (May 4, 2010 at 12:52 AM)  

so cool! I liked your avi before but even more now that I know why. And so glad to have found a fellow Christ follower! :0)

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